A ghoul secretly living in the Ark's trash heap


Aldo is a ghoul in the middle of an apparent growth spurt, wearing clothes that are obviously too small for him. He has a mask that only covers part of his face and wields a broken spear.


Aldo was one of the ghouls who attacked the Ark in the late winter of Year Zero. Wounded and left for dead, he was found by Sira, who nursed him back to health and treated him with a kindness and dignity he had never experienced before, even among his own kind. The two of them started sleeping together not long after Aldo began his evolution into a “tall ghoul”—which Tuff Luv now knows to be the adult form of ghouls, who are normally trapped in a perpetual adolescence due to lack of food and resources.

Aldo is the father of Sira’s unborn child, though it remains to be seen how the Ark will react to the union of a ghoul father and mutant mother.


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