Daddy Dearest Ragnar

The patriarch of the Family, a deranged and incestuous cannibal clan


Ragnar (who prefers to be called “Daddy Dearest”) is a tall, powerfully built unmutated human with a lazy eye and perpetual stubble. He tends to wear grungy tracksuits and ballcaps dedicated to pre-Fall sports teams. He is never without a firearm, typically a hunting rifle. He also possesses one of the rarest artifacts in the Zone: a working automobile.


Daddy Dearest Ragnar is the patriarch of the Family, a clan of deranged and incestuous cannibals who live deep within the zone. Along with Mommy Dearest Sveah, he rules the Family through a combination of love and terror. He is technically savvy in addition to being utterly ruthless and quite insane.

Other known members of the Family include:

  • Mommy Dearest Sveah, his sister/wife
  • Hobbled Harry, their eldest son, badly burn-scarred and a so-called “grillmaster”
  • Big Barbro, his eldest daughter, now on the run with Tuff Luv
  • Little Bro, a middle son now on the run with Tuff Luv
  • Lillemor, a middle sibling now on the run with Tuff Luv
  • Sweet Lena, a younger sister of the Family, who likes playing with knives
  • Ollie the Hat, a younger brother of the Family, who always wears a battered top hat
  • King Lotto, the youngest member of the Family, who always wears a cheap plastic crown

Ragnar also mentioned “cousins” who don’t live with them during their dinner with Tuff Luv, but he didn’t mention how many of them there might be.

Daddy Dearest Ragnar

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