Doctor Elsa Retzius

The head scientist of Project Eden


Dr. Elsa Retzius is more machine now than woman, augmented heavily with biomechatronics in order to stave off the effects of old age. She wears a white MIMIR jumpsuit and carries a maser pistol.


Dr. Elsa Retzius was the chief scientist behind MIMIR’s mutant genesis program, PROJECT: EDEN. She was responsible for the team of scientists that created the first mutated human children, and gave the order for them all to be terminated in order to make way for her Omega Mutants, who would serve humanity as obedient slaves in the reconquest of Earth.

Dr. Sebedius led an uprising of the scientific staff against Retzius, trapping her in a security room long enough to disable her satellite uplink to MIMIR and free the mutant children from Eden. They then disabled the shuttlecraft and abandoned Retzius to her fate, She spent the next decade repairing Eden from their sabotage, reestablishing a (shaky and frequently failing) line of communication with MIMIR, and starting PROJECT: OMEGA on her own. She also replaced much of her failing body with biomechatronics, at the expense of her humanity and sanity.

Retzius intends to cleanse Seattle of all life—human and mutant alike—to make way for resettlement by “pure” humans from MIMIR cryostations and eventually become the god of a new world. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, mad as they are.

Doctor Elsa Retzius

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