A feral creature living in the outskirts


This is a feral mutant living on the outskirts of the settlement, occasionally seen skulking around in the shadows of buildings. A wild mane of dark hair, and over-large, black eyes not unlike a Grey Mutant are the most notable features of the creature, giving them an almost-cute look, if one discounts the mouthful of too-sharp and too-many teeth, clawed hands, and occasional scars. Appears female and relatively young. Slowly she has moved closer to others, but continues to be somewhat skittish and wary. She is able to speak, but no one’s heard more than a word or two at a time, spoken in a growl or hiss.


Not much is known about this mutant currently, other than a reputation for skulking around in the outskirts, and avoiding most contact with others. Those who have cornered her, however, have come out of it minus chunks of flesh, fingers, and eyes.

Charmin typically just calls her “Kitty,” which seems to have stuck.

Currently her favorite game is with Vax, and called “What’s in your mouth? Stop! Spit it out! That’s not food! Give it here!”

Fright-night-2011-imogen-poots-vampire-big-mouth.jpg(What Kitty’s mouth looks like when fully open)


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