A female mutant who carries hope for the future


Sira is mostly-human in appearance, except for her single central eye and her tentacle-like arms. She is blonde and moderately attractive, despite her worn, baggy clothing.


Sira has been in slavery most of her adult life. She isn’t very bright and has poor impulse control, so she frequently goes into debt and winds up having to work off her debt, only to wind up in the same situation again after regaining her freedom. Her most recent master was Melita, who she wound up indebted toward when she overspent on her food budget buying food for Aldo.

Despite her many flaws, Sira is kind, generous, and friendly—perhaps too friendly, given that her way of expressing affection to her friends is to have sex with them. After “making friends” with Aldo, she has wound up pregnant, a situation she is ill-prepared for and seems to have little understanding of. Until she was examined by Vax, she thought she was dying. Subsequent to the discovery of her pregnancy, Charmin bought off her debt and brought her to sanctuary in Tuff Luv’s lair.


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