The Ark is built on the ruins of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport—usually just called “SeaTac.” The mutants that live there have occupied various buildings, wrecked planes, and ruined vehicles scattered across the grounds of the airport. Many of the mutants (though not all) are members of small factions known as Gangs. This is a brief summary of the currently known Gangs.

The Chroniclers
Not really a gang, but often treated as one by the rest of the Ark. The Chroniclers of the Dawn Vault are the Elder’s personal assistants and caretakers, and they consider it their highest duty to collect and study the artifacts that other mutants bring back from the Zone. Once, it was considered forbidden to withhold such items from the Elder’s servants, but now it has become far more common.
Den: The Control Tower
Membership: 20-30
Boss: Technically the Elder
Votes: 1

The Delta 803s
A large and violent gang that takes their name from their den—a crashed Delta airliner with the number “803” written on the tail. The 803s take what they want and give nothing back, bringing them into frequent conflict with other gangs and with the Chroniclers. They are known to have several guns and a cache of bullets, as well as members with destructive powers. Only the Elder’s laws against mutants killing mutants have kept them from attempting a violent coup—so far.
Den: The wreckage of Delta 803 on the southwestern runway
Membership: 20-30
Boss: Avis
Votes: 2

The Guard
This self-proclaimed militia organized itself to defend the Ark from outside threats, such as the Zone ghouls and wild beasts, as well as to enforce the Elder’s proclamation forbidding contact with the Zone. They spend much of their time patrolling the edges of the Ark and training in hand-to-hand combat, which leaves them little time for scavenging or scrounging. Because of this, they frequently have to request “donations” from other mutants to stay fed, and their strongarm tactics don’t make them especially popular.
Den: The Centurion Lounge, Concourse B
Membership: About 20-30
Boss: Captain Laine
Votes: 1

The IP Crowd
A gang of tech-obsessives who consider themselves the true inheritors and guardians of the legacy of the Old Ones. It was the IP Crowd who started withholding artifacts from the Chroniclers, leading to the gradual deterioration of the Elder’s authority. Though they (supposedly) turned over everything in their collection to the Chroniclers eventually, virtually everyone in the Ark believes that they are still subverting the will of the Elder and hoarding valuable tech. They are well known for openly disregarding the Elder’s proclamation to stay out of the Zone, making them enemies with both the Chroniclers and the Guard.
Den: Baggage Claim in Main Terminal
Membership: Less than 20
Boss: Petey Oh
Votes: 1

The Knobbles
A group of status-obsessed mutants who emulate the “nobility” of the Old Ones through fancy dress and fancier titles. They insist on being called “m’lord” or “m’lady” and are prone to “duels of honor” with mutants who don’t show them “proper respect.” They’re extremely picky about who gets to join, often requiring “quests” or “tribute” before allowing a new member into their den, the Clubhouse.
Den: “The Clubhouse”—Concourse D, from the Stonehouse Cafe to the Terminal Getaway Spa
Membership: Less than 20
Boss: Baron von Count
Votes: 1

The Web
A mystery cult that largely keeps its practices a secret from the rest of the Ark. The Web is largely considered to be harmless weirdos, since they mostly keep to themselves and don’t cause trouble. They show their loyalty to the cult by wearing web-like veils when they leave their den.
It was recently revealed that the Web venerates the interconnectedness of the People as a sort of divine presence—a “meta-entity” that exists as a manifestation of the connections that mutants make with one another. They are also strongly interested in the perpetuation of their species and seek means to birth a new generation of mutants.
Den: A pile of cargo crates on the northern end of the runway
Membership: Unknown, but assumed to be less than 20
Boss: Silver Spider
Votes: 1 (’+1 from Sira)

Tuff Luv
A small independent gang that punches above their weight class due to being involved in several high-profile adventures in the Ark and the Zone.
Den: Formerly the Sbarro in Concourse B. After a fire bottle attack by parties unknown, Tuff Luv has moved to a hidden and fortified lair somewhere within the Ark, whose location was recently revealed when they offered it as a shelter to the children of the Wanderers during the Battle of SeaTac.
Membership: 10-15
Boss: Charmin
Votes: 1

The Independents
Lots of mutants belong to gangs of five or less members. Due to their relative political unimportance, these small gangs (and the rarer gangless mutants) are collectively known as the Independents. They share a single voice during conclaves and change faction allegiances as quickly as the wind shifts.
Den: Various
Membership: Perhaps 50-75 mutants are so-called Independents
Boss: none
Votes: 5

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