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Welcome to Mutant: Year Zero.

In this roleplaying game for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition you play mutated human beings in a fallen world. On your shoulders rests the greatest responsibility of all: to save the last glimmer of human civilization from total annihilation.

Fight for Grub, Water, and Bullets
Starvation is never far away in Mutant: Year Zero. Clean water is a luxury. If you don’t have grub and water you’ll have to fight to get it—and if you do have what you need, you can be sure some other freak will try to take it from you. And then you’ll need bullets to load your gun, or to buy protection from someone stronger.

Take Part in the Projects
Every day is a fight for survival, but the People want more than just to survive. A new society must be built, or the Ark—your home—will sooner or later face collapse and ruin. The People’s projects can be anything from building a palisade or growing mushrooms to creating a militia or opening a theater. The projects increase the Ark’s Development Levels.

Protect the Ark
The Ark is an island in an ocean of chaos. The People have made it so far, but the threats to the Ark are getting worse and becoming more frequent. Acid rain, disease, attacks from wild beasts or savages from the depths of the Zone—when danger looms someone has to stand in the front line and protect the People. Will you do your part?

Protect Your Own
You won’t make it far without friends, but your friends are also your weakness. When someone threatens a friend you need to stand up for them—or you’ll be alone when it’s your turn to face the heat. And it will be, sooner or later. The grub is too scarce, the bullets too few to meet everyone’s needs. No one gets far in the Ark without making enemies.

Explore the Zone
The Zone is a dangerous and devastated wasteland, where the Elder has told you never to go. But if the People are to endure, you have to go out there. To search. For other mutants, for artifacts from the Old Age, for knowledge. The Zone is unknown territory, where the invisible Rot will kill you if savages or ancient war machines don’t do it first. But you have no choice. In the Zone, your future awaits.

Search for Eden
Maybe it’s just a fairytale. A collective figment of the imagination. Stories whispered around the flickering trashcan-fires in the Ark. But you cannot stop believing. Believing that salvation—or at least the truth about the origin of the People—is somewhere out there in the Zone. The People call this place Eden.

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